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Merry Christmas Kitchen Apron

Merry Christmas Kitchen Apron

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This Merry Christmas Kitchen Apron from is the perfect way to add festive cheer to your kitchen! With its cheerful design, it's sure to bring a smile to your face - even while you're cooking! Whether you're an amateur chef or a professional, this sturdy apron will shield your clothes from any unfortunate messes as you work. So, go ahead and wear it while cooking with confidence. Enjoy your cooking time in style and keep your clothes safe from the habit of wiping ingredients on to them. Now, that's something worth celebrating this season! Shop now and get your Merry Christmas Kitchen Apron today.


Adult size: 1ft 10 in x2 ft 10 in, suitable for men and women of height 5ft 1in - 6 ft 1in weighing less than 200 pounds
Children's size: 1 ft 6in x 1ft 3 in suitable for men and women height 2ft 7in-4 ft 7in and weighing less than 70 pounds


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